Friday, December 12, 2014

02 Chorizo

I like chorizo, but I don't love it. If I get a board o'meat at a tapas place, I'll go for the jamón first and then the salchichón and finally the chorizo. So when I reached for montadito 2 of 100 at my local 100 Montaditos outlet, I figured it would be a rote checking-off of one of the standards.

But I was wrong. I know I'm only, uh, 2 percent of the way through this endeavor, but I can say right now that No. 2, chorizo, is a giant among tiny sandwiches.

This is a smoky, deeply flavored chorizo that leaves a beautiful burnt-orange oil slick on the bread. I know it makes an appearance later in the menu, and so I'm looking forward to Nos. 7, 56, 57, 58, 67 and 84.

Montaditos down: 2
Montaditos to go: 98
Next: 03 Salchichón

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