Sunday, December 21, 2014

11 Meatballs with bacon

Now, that is one crowd-pleasing description. Who, at least among us non-kosher meat eaters, wouldn't love meatballs and bacon?

And, indeed, it's a good sandwich. My tomato concerns were even alleviated to some degree -- this sandwich appears to use canned tomatoes as a rub for the bread as in pan con tomate. Good idea, and I have nothing against canned tomatoes.

But a tomato presence isn't marinara sauce, and I sure do like marinara sauce. So I don't like No. 11 nearly as much as I liked No. 10.

And a curiosity: As I tasted this montadito, I noted that, boy, this bacon sure is salty. And then I'm like, salty in a very specific way. A way that I recognize. Wait, I know this! It's . . . anchovies! Yes, anchovies. I will have to try this montadito again to see whether that was a feature or a bug.

Montaditos down: 11
Montaditos to go: 89
Next: 12 Meatballs, manchego cheese and green pepper.

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