Saturday, December 20, 2014

10 Meatballs, crispy onion and marinara sauce

There's something about a meatball sandwich, and this is no exception. By which I mean, I guess, that there's something about this one.

The meatball sandwich is something that even Subway can't screw up. If I have to eat at a Subway, that's one of my two standbys, that and the tuna. Stay away from those flavorless cold cuts. (Have I mentioned that one of the things I like about 100 Montaditos is that it's the anti-Subway? You order a montadito and you get that montadito -- none of this "Yes, mayo, no, no mustard, hey, wait, maybe some green peppers, NO, WAIT, NOT THAT MUCH OF THE GREEN PEPPERS ...")

Anyway, 100 Montaditos makes a darn good meatball-with-marinara-and-crispy-onion montadito. The marinara is suitably spicy, and the crispy onions are a nice touch. There's a place at Eden Center that makes a meatball banh mi I like -- this was reminiscent.

And there are more meatball montaditos to come. I'm looking forward to them, though I'm a little wary of giving up the marinara sauce.

Montaditos down: 10
Montaditos to go: 90
Next: 11 Meatballs with bacon

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