Friday, January 2, 2015

21 Tuna, fresh tomato and mayo

And now we reach the tuna section of the menu. (And the "special" section!) I was curious: Does that mean tuna salad? Canned tuna in some other form, like the high-quality stuff I was served in Madrid that time? Or could it possibly mean an actual slab of beautiful red meat? 

Alas, it was a disappointing least common denominator: Canned tuna, but neither in salad form nor high -quality. The mayonnaise, I guess, made for a mix-your-own-bite-by-bite version of tuna salad. 

I read years back a little treatise by David Rosengarten about  how you should never pair tomato with tuna, and I bought it -- until that lovely tuna-and-tomato platter in Madrid. On this sandwich, I didn't mind the tomato. I could have gone for any number of Subway-style toppings to dress up that just plain canned tuna.

This section of the menu might be rough.

Montaditos down: 21
Montaditos to go: 79
Next: 22 Tuna, hard boiled egg, piparra and mayo

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