Thursday, January 22, 2015

41 Hot dog, ketchup and mustard

I'm not sure why the move from hamburger to hot dog puts us in the "premium" category, but there you go. We are now in the "premium" section of the menu. As far as I'm concerned we're also still in the "children's section."

Having said that, and having panned the so-called burger, I am here to praise the more-than-so-called hot dog. This is one tasty hot dog, whether it's geared toward children or not. One thumb up! (The other one is holding the hot dog.)

Tubular meat is universal, of course, and even the good old American hot dog works well cross-culturally. I have vague but fond memories of eating le hot dog on my first trip to Paris, back in the 1980s -- they reamed out a baguette with a red-hot poker and stuck in a ... red-hot. A hot dog. Le hot dog. It was bon.

(New to the menu with No. 41: Hot dog. Ketchup. Mustard. The Premium designation.)

Montaditos down: 41
Montaditos to go: 59
Next: 42 Chicken, crispy onion and ali oli

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