Wednesday, January 28, 2015

47 BBQ pulled pork, cream cheese, bacon and ali oli

If I had thought to sit down and handicap the 100 Montaditos menu before I started this blog (that would have been a good thought, now that I think of it), I'm sure I would have flagged montadito No. 47 as a crowd pleaser. The ingredients are a little redundant -- barbecue pork and bacon? Cream cheese and aioli? -- but they're redundant in such a way as to make darn sure that this sandwich is a crowd pleaser.

And this sandwich, it turns out, is a crowd pleaser. Or at least a me pleaser.

I'm not sure I got any bacon. I think I got aioli, but I didn't taste it. But this sweet barbecue pork together with cream cheese (both making their debuts on this blog, by the way) is a winner. Crowds will be pleased; I'm sure of it.

Montaditos down: 47
Montaditos to go: 53
Next: 48 BBQ pulled pork, cheddar cheese, lettuce and mustard

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