Monday, March 9, 2015

87 TIRITITRAN: philly steak, brie cheese, crispy onion and mustard

Wait: I've tasted this before. Yes, it's obvious.

Cheap gray beef? Check.
Onion? Check.
Mustard? Check.
Small, softish square white bun? Check.

It's White Castle!

Now, the What You Crave cheeseburger would come with American cheese, not brie, but no matter. The brie works here -- as it does pretty much everywhere else, in one of the biggest surprises of my 100 Montaditos adventure.

You could also call this a Krystal cheeseburger, and indeed you could argue that the mustard-without-ketchup points not to White Castle but to its Southern counterpart.

In case you're still wondering, all this White Castle talk is to praise the Tirititran, not to bury it. I love White Castle. I love Krystal. I could see this sandwich making my playoffs.

Not sure about that name, though. It sounds like something  Beavis would shriek. "Tirititran! Tirititran!" And, really, if this is going to be a named sandwich, what's wrong with Harold or Kumar or Haroldkumar?

Montaditos down: 87
Montaditos to go: 13
Next: 88 TORERO: lomo (dry cured pork loin), manchego cheese and green pepper

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