Wednesday, March 18, 2015

96 Hazelnut spread with almonds

Well, here we are. Dessert. Montaditos on chocolate bread.

My first bite of No. 96 confirms that these are going to be just as good and decadent as you'd expect. And peeking ahead at the four other sweet choices, I see that this is the most restrained. Oh, and there's whipped cream on the side ...

... to cut through all that rich chocolate goodness, and I guess provide a hedge against malnutrition.

Truth be told, if I wanted to indulge in this fashion, I'd probably walk a couple of blocks south to Ice Cream Jubilee. But I'm not complaining about having an excuse to sample these.

Montaditos down: 96
Montaditos to go: 4
Next: 97 Hazelnut spread with Oreo cookies

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