Friday, February 6, 2015

56 Chorizo and manchego cheese

How can something so simple be too much?

The chorizo is great, and assertive. But that manchego is asserting itself as well, which is a little surprising considering how it fades into the background on some other montaditos. So I'm left unsure of what to taste, as though I'm trying to concentrate on two very pleasurable activities at once. (You know what I mean. Use your imagination.) Maybe a better analogy would be a movie pairing two screen-hogging stars. The sausage and the cheese don't clash, but they do compete.

I like this sandwich in a "What's not to like?" way; I just think its ingredients could have been put to better use separately.

Montaditos down: 56
Montaditos to go: 44
Next: 57 Chorizo and tortilla espaƱola

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