Thursday, February 12, 2015

62 Chistorra (basque style chorizo sausage) cream cheese and crispy onion

Spoiler confession! I had montadito No. 62 early on, back in my single-digit days. I was dining with my wife, and because of a wacky slapstick ordering mishap we got two of each sandwich we ordered. This was one of hers. (Having enjoyed No. 5, and spying that cream-cheese-and-crispy-onion combo, I pointed her to it.) Here's how my first go-round looked:

It was, and is, a very nice combination -- the smoky link with its subtle sweetness, the cream cheese with its own creamy sweetness and the onions for some salty crunch.

It's a shame cream cheese doesn't appear on more of the montaditos.

Montaditos down: 62
Montaditos to go: 38
Next: 63 Serrano ham and manchego cheese

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